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Hamilton Hammers Back: Solidarity with #NODAPL

In the first few hours of February 1st, individuals in Hamilton, Ontario answered the call to be ungovernable in resistance to the Dakota Access Pipeline and the secretive Grand Jury deliberating on the fate of Water Protectors south of us. It is imperative that we continue to show solidarity inside and outside of the legal system as the State’s strategy will always be divide and conquer. As those who seek to poison the Earth and profit from her exploitation attempt to secure their place in power, those of us with capacity to resist must seize the opportunity. We need not (& must not) choose one avenue for action, but pursue all of them in all ways. Today, we resist the Dakota Access Pipeline and ALL pipelines by hitting the banks who fund them – specifically TD Canada Trust – where it hurts. Which we interpreted to mean literally hitting their ATMs with hammers… and jamming up the card slot with spray foam. Tomorrow, we make our voices heard that Muslim refugees are welcome here. Friday, we go Nazi punching.