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Hamilton Stands with Standing Rock

From Anarchist News A Love Letter to Sacred Stone Camp For weeks, your numbers and our hearts have swelled in unison. The world is watching as you spark the revolution. We all wish that we could join you but realize we have ways to help from here. We have work to do right here. And […]

This is How We Welcome You: “Try Hamilton” tries fucking itself

Yesterday, a group of scumbags affiliated with local real estate companies organized a tour of Hamilton for a group of investors, with the goal of drawing in capital from outside the city. This project is called Try Hamilton and they describe their goals as a chance for entrepreneurs and developers to envision ‘city-changing’ possibilities. Shamelessly […]

The Most Important Thing: Reflections on Solidarity and the Syrian Revolution

This text is available as a zine for easy printing and distro: readable pdf and imposed booklet. Better zine courtest of Ruines des Kapitals “The most important thing,” my friend said on our way home, “is to destroy the state. The Syrian revolution went very far and a big reason for this is that we […]

Steal City: Thoughts on some everyday struggles in Hamilton

200 copies of this text were distributed as a beautiful zine during the May Day 2016 celebrations in Hamilton’s Beasley Park. PDF now available for download. A Steal City… Far and wide, Hamilton is known as the steel city. Historically, the largest producer of steel in the country, our solidly working-class city has been built […]

There Are Cops on Your Facebook (yes, even in Hamilton) — “Sam Brown” is one of them

This shouldn’t come as a surprise. Police have a long history of creating and using fake social media accounts to track people, pages and events. The kicker? You don’t have to be masking up at demos or occupying oil facilities to earn their attentions. Just as much as they’ll lay charges if the opportunity presents […]

Seven Years Against Prison

New years in Southern Ontario wouldn’t be complete without a festive expression of our rage against prisons and the world which requires them. For the seventh year running, we brought the party to several local insitutions of control and isolation, in order to show those trapped inside for the holidays that they aren’t alone. Traduction […]

Five Questions for the Climate Movement

Text from a leaflet distributed at the Hamilton2Paris Climate rally in Hamilton, Ontario. The H2P rally was organized by a coalition of local organizations who invited others to form their own contingents. Against Capitalism — For Community Autonomy! As an anti-capitalist and anti-colonial contingent in the Hamilton2Paris climate march, we believe the issue of environmental […]

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Far-Right Tips

Do you have information about the presence of far-right, fascist, white supremacist, or anti-feminist groups in the city? Leave a comment below and we’ll make sure the info gets into good hands. The form is completely anonymous — this site is hosted by noblogs, which never stores any information about you. Consider including pictures and […]

Now that it’s undeniable: Gentrification in Hamilton 2015

This text is available as an imposed booklet pdf for easy printing Introduction For the past several years, we’ve been talking quite a lot about gentrification here in Hamilton. In the current moment, as the vanguard of art galleries decisively give way to boutique shops and condos, as sections of town are repurposed into bedroom […]