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Another Spectacle and Broken Solidarity: Why we’re staying home July 5th

Another Spectacle and Broken Solidarity: Why we’re staying home July 5th This weekend, a protest initiated by an international Big Green NGO,, is being held in the lead up to the Pan-Am climate summit in Toronto. This Jobs Justice Climate march is yet another attempt by Big Green NGOs and labour unions to draw […]

Pushing back: Hamilton in March

The past month in Hamilton saw two communique-worthy events without communiques. We celebrated March 15th day of action against brutality in the middle of the Juno awards ceremony and our buddy who was getting railroaded into a jail sentence got off after a crowd of supporters pressured the court. For the second year in a […]

It Begins: Repression of “Anti-Petroleum Activists” and the Pan Am Games

On January 29 2015, a person in Hamilton who has been active in organizing against Line 9 and the Tar Sands opened their door to find a detective from the Hate Crimes and Extremism Unit of the Hamilton Police. This person is on bail from charges relating to the many blockades of Enbridge’s Line 9 […]

Free Speech: The Last Bastion of Scoundrels

Thursday, November 6th saw two attempted shut downs of speaking events at McMaster. In the afternoon, a marching band stormed a lecture by Susan Cunningham, an oil industry executive, about women’s leadership; and in the evening, another group shouted down an event by a group called Lifeline that seeks to limit women’s reproductive autonomy by […]

Public Grief and the Logic of War

Available in French at : The past week has seen two attacks in Canada against Canadian soldiers by Muslim men. In response, thousands of people filled the streets to wave flags and call for heightened surveillance, preventive arrests, and war in the middle east. The crowds are calling for a police state. It feels […]

Collecting Past Writings about Prison Noise Demos in Southern Ontario

(These texts were compiled as supporting documents for the text “Seven Years Against Prison”  which was distributed at the New Year’s Noise Demo in Hamilton in 2015